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I’m a clinical psychologist in private practice working exclusively via telehealth, with over 20 years’ clinical experience and over 15 years’ experience supervising allied health professionals working in a range of community, hospital, forensic, education, and private practice settings. 

In my own clinical practice, I work mainly with teenagers and adults of all ages presenting with a wide range of issues and concerns (more info about me as a therapist is here). I have a special interest in supporting people of diverse genders and sexualities, and their loved ones, and so I’m especially passionate about supervising and running professional development events on this topic.

Supervising a diverse mix of counsellors, therapists, trainees, and psychologists since 2007 has taught me the value of being able to tailor my style to meet the individual needs of clinicians. I like to start our working relationship with a clear, collaborative conversation about each of our roles and responsibilities, what we’re aiming to achieve through supervision, and how we can keep track of how it’s going along the way. 

Most sessions are usually 50-60 minute, one-on-one videocall sessions, and they typically begin with setting an agenda. Where possible, I’m happy to share resources with you that are relevant to your professional development, or to organise longer appointments or group supervision as required.

I’m an AHPRA Board-approved supervisor with a Clinical Psychology area of practice endorsement, so I can act as primary or secondary supervisor for generalist psychologists as well as clinical registrars. I completed my original supervisor accreditation through STAP (the Supervisor Training and Accreditation Program), and attend ongoing supervisor masterclasses as well as my own supervision.

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Important information for all supervisees can be found here.

If you are looking to join my online group supervision run for clinicians working with TGDNB people, please go here.

If you fancy a deeper dive into me as a therapist and human, I have put together a longer read here.