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The Myth of Motivation

For many people, the start of the year is a popular time for sheepishly picking up those longer-term goals we banished to the backburner months ago, blowing the dust off them, wondering how on earth we strayed so quickly from what seemed so important but a year ago, and vowing that this time really will […]

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Tending to the Tree

A marathon runner once told me she only ever notices her body is hurting when the pain ceases; it is the relief she experiences that alerts her to something being wrong in the first place. In the same sense, I would like to gently bring to your attention an ache of yours that until this […]

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The Riches of Courage

Welcome to my October blog.  I’ve decided to dedicate the theme of this blog to two related topics; courage and richness.  I’ve chosen these topics because in my work, I am always heartened by the quality of courage in others.  Just yesterday, I sat with a client as she cried, and it was so beautiful.  […]

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The ‘Heart’ in Heart Matters Psychology

Hello all and welcome to my first blog for Heart Matters Psychology. In this first blog, much like a first session with a psychologist, I hope to give you a clear flavour of who I am, and what Heart Matters Psychology is about.  You may have perhaps read other psychologists’ blogs before, and as I […]

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Positive Parenting for Happier Families

Is your preschool or primary school-aged child misbehaving so much, or so often, that you’re receiving school complaints? Has it become such a problem that your mood has been affected, or your productivity at work, or your relationship with your partner/children? Do you and your partner differ strongly in what you believe is the best […]

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