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Positive Parenting for Happier Families

Is your preschool or primary school-aged child misbehaving so much, or so often, that you’re receiving school complaints? Has it become such a problem that your mood has been affected, or your productivity at work, or your relationship with your partner/children? Do you and your partner differ strongly in what you believe is the best way to manage these behaviours?

Parents of young children often struggle with knowing how to handle persistent behaviours such as:

– lying, swearing and stealing
– hurting other children
– wanting to sleep in parent’s bed
– attention-seeking
– whining, tantrums and angry outbursts
– not following instructions
– extreme clinginess and separation problems
– school refusal, and
– refusal to do homework or follow household rules.

Positive Parenting for Happier Families is a six-week small group program run by psychologist Jacques Rizk, designed to teach parents of young children a wide range of effective, evidence-based strategies to understand and manage challenging behaviours such as these.

If this sounds like a program your family would benefit from, please read on.

How much does it cost?
Eligible parents (i.e. vulnerable or disadvantaged families, such as concession card holders) referred to the program by their G.P will have the full fee (normally $360) paid for by Medicare Local, as this program is being run as a Brisbane MIND Child Mental Health Service special group project. We will explain how to talk to your G.P about a referral when you make a booking with us for the program – see below. Parents wishing to attend the group without a Medicare Local G.P referral are welcome to do so, however they will have to fund their own attendance.

When/where are the groups running?
The groups will run for 90 minutes (6:30pm to 8:00pm) each Wednesday night for six weeks, starting 22nd May and ending 26th June, 2013*. The groups will run from the Better Life Centre at Kelvin Grove – click on the Kelvin Grove tab here for contact details, a map and directions. Light refreshments (tea, coffee and biscuits) will be provided.

*Please note that a minimum of six (and maximum of ten) families are required for the program to go ahead as planned – we will confirm final numbers with parents by Friday 17th May.

Is my family suitable for this program?
This program is run for parents/carers of young children only – please ensure you have made arrangements so that you can attend the group without children. Both parents (or if relevant, one parent and another heavily involved carer) are welcome and encouraged to attend!

If you are the parent/carer of a child in preschool or early primary-school, and you are struggling with any of the behaviours listed above, this is the program for you! Because of the format and scope of the program, these groups are unfortunately not suitable for children living under special or extreme circumstances (e.g., children diagnosed with a developmental disorder such as Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, children with a pervasive medical condition that affects many aspects of daily functioning, and children living with ongoing family violence).

If you are unsure about your family’s suitability for the program, please feel free to contact Jacques directly at – together we can determine whether your family’s needs are better met through individual therapy rather than the group program.

Who is the group facilitator?
Jacques Rizk is an experienced psychologist based in Brisbane, and has over ten years’ experience working with families. He is an accredited Triple P provider. He has run many groups of various formats before, including parenting groups in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. More information is available about Jacques here.

I’m interested! How do I make a booking?
Parents interested in attending the program can make a booking through the Better Life Centre reception, on 3353 5430. Parents will also need to visit their GP for a referral to the group – this will be explained by reception when you book. Please note: to maximise the effectiveness of this Medicare-funded program, group size is limited to only the first ten families to book. The program starts in May, so please book now!

I’ve booked! Do I need to do anything to prepare for the group?
Parents will be contacted one week before the program and asked to complete a form and email it to Jacques before the first group meeting. This will allow him to tailor the content to the specific needs of the group as much as possible. All other materials will be provided during group meetings – the only thing to bring on the night is your G.P referral, and your willingness to participate in this dynamic and interactive program.

I think it would be best to see you individually instead. Is that possible?
Jacques is available for individual consultations in his City office on Mondays and Thursdays, and his Kelvin Grove office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – contact and booking information is available for both locations here. Jacques works not only with groups and parents, but with children, teenagers, adults, couples and older adults.

Looking forward to seeing you there,